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Short Term
Fees & Details
  Fund NameMorningstar
ACPI Horizon UCITS EUR RetlGlobal Large-Cap Blend EquityNot RatedNot Rated1,0510,9105EUR
ACPI Horizon UCITS USD Inst +Global Large-Cap Blend EquityNot RatedNot Rated4,5610,4604USD
Algo Performance A USD AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-6,94101,0300USD
Algo Performance B EUR AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-10,6786,6900EUR
Algo Performance C GBP AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-9,0992,4200GBP
Algo Performance G GBP AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-9,9391,3900GBP
Autus Global Equity B USD AccGlobal Large-Cap Blend EquityNot RatedNot Rated5,821,2156USD
Avaron Emerging Europe AEmerging Europe ex-Russia EquityNot Rated-3,614,7492EUR
Avaron Emerging Europe BEmerging Europe ex-Russia EquityNot Rated-3,425,0440EUR
Avaron Emerging Europe CEmerging Europe ex-Russia EquityNot Rated-3,5117,0643EUR
Avaron Emerging Europe DEmerging Europe ex-Russia EquityNot Rated-3,7114,3172EUR
Avaron Emerging Europe EEmerging Europe ex-Russia EquityNot Rated-3,2714,3163EUR
Avaron Flexible Strategies FundEUR Flexible AllocationNot Rated-1,7416,7980EUR
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd B EUR (Pf)Alt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated-0,53106,3500EUR
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I CAD (ACD)Alt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated2,5191,7100CAD
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I EURAlt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated-0,80102,3000EUR
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I EUR (Pf)Alt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated0,50112,3800EUR
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I GBPAlt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated-96,9700GBP
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I USDAlt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated-97,4100USD
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Abs Ret Bd I USD (Pf)Alt - Long/Short DebtNot RatedNot Rated-97,9800USD
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading. Fund returns are based upon Nav to Nav or Bid to Bid income reinvested basis. Performance figures are presented in Euro (EUR).