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Fund Quickrank

This tool lets you screen and rank's database of funds
  • Choose a Morningstar Category from the first pull-down list to see funds that are similar in investment strategy.
  • Choose a fund company from the Company Name drop-down list to see funds available from an investment manager.
  • Enter a phrase in the text field to see all funds with that word in their name.
  • Select a universe from the All Funds drop-down to hone in on a type of fund.
  • Click Go to see the funds that meet your criteria.
  • Click a column heading to rank the display.
  • Click Performance, Portfolio, or Fees & Details to see additional data.
  • Roll your mouse over some data columns for further detail.

Short Term
Fees & Details
 Fund NameLatest
  1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
SEB Concept Biotechnology C105,1960EUR3,386,757,495,004,8221.06.2017
JB EF Health Innovation-EUR Bh97,4800EUR3,094,817,895,5118,8821.06.2017
JB EF Health Innovation-USD C362,5400USD2,956,128,632,9512,5221.06.2017
JB EF Health Innovation-USD B340,4300USD2,946,118,572,8012,1821.06.2017
JB EF Health Innovation-USD A333,8400USD2,946,118,572,8012,1821.06.2017
JPM US Growth X (dist) USD177,2200USD2,803,87-0,146,4524,2219.05.2015
BlueBay EMkt Lcl Ccy Corp Bd I GBP86,1900GBP2,082,986,1411,87-4,5019.04.2016
JPM Emerging Middle East Eq A (acc) SGD13,2000SGD1,99-2,95-6,02-16,96-7,1429.08.2013
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc EUR5,6500EUR1,991,25-3,42-11,867,6222.06.2017
Franklin Gold & PM A Ydis EUR5,6500EUR1,991,25-3,42-11,867,4122.06.2017
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc EUR H14,2700EUR1,911,18-4,47-9,5313,2622.06.2017
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc CHF H13,6000CHF1,821,61-3,69-10,8511,8622.06.2017
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc SGD4,8000SGD1,801,25-3,59-12,017,4022.06.2017
JPM Taiwan X (acc) USD82,9100USD1,77-1,70-8,25-7,36-18,0218.01.2016
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Lcl Ccy Bd I AUD95,3300AUD1,76-1,131,88-7,10-10.02.2016
BlueBay Glbl Inv Grd Convert Bd S GBP108,0800GBP1,640,121,3611,365,1601.02.2017
BlueBay Investment Grd Libor S GBP (AID)100,2700GBP1,612,553,08--18.05.2016
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc USD4,7300USD1,591,22-3,47-11,947,5922.06.2017
Franklin Gold & PM A Acc HKD4,7500HKD1,581,25-3,44-11,947,5422.06.2017
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Lcl Ccy Bd I USD (AID)61,9500USD1,431,533,39-6,89-6,8017.02.2016
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading. Fund returns are based upon Nav to Nav or Bid to Bid income reinvested basis. Performance figures are presented in Euro (EUR).