SEF LHV Persian Gulf Fund

Morningstar Rating™(Relative to Category)31.08.2018
 Morningstar ReturnMorningstar RiskMorningstar Rating™
3-YearLowAbove Average1 star
5-Year*Below AverageHigh1 star
10-Year*AverageHigh1 star
Overall*Below AverageHigh1 star
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Volatility Measurements31.08.2018
3-Yr Std Dev13.17 %
3-Yr Mean Return-4.30 %
3-Yr Sharpe Ratio-0.31
Modern Portfolio Statistics31.08.201831.08.2018
 Standard IndexBest Fit Index
 S&P Mid-East and Africa BMI TR USD  Cat 50%Citi PolishGBI&50%MSCI Poland NR
3-Yr R-Squared38.9450.40
3-Yr Beta0.530.74
3-Yr Alpha-5.25-7.33
* This share class has performance data calculated prior to the inception date, 2015-04-13. This is based upon a simulated/extended track record, using the track record of LHV Persian Gulf A (ISIN: EE3600095287), and is in accordance with Morningstar’s Extended Performance Methodology paper. To find out more about this, click here.